SAS Survival Handbook

I bought a survival guide paperback book today, called SAS Survival Handbook: For Any Climate, in Any Situation. It covers a great deal of survival information that is not only good for quick reference, but accurate and detailed for emergency situations. I’m thinking of using it for bathroom reading material until the float.

Survival Knowledge

  • Food, what you can and can’t eat
  • Animal tracking with pictures
  • Edible plants guide with pictures
  • Trapping and snaring
  • Handling animals you’ve killed for food
  • How to make a camp and various shelters
  • Knot tying
  • First aid
  • Medicinal plants guide
  • Dangerous and poisonous animals with identifying pictures
  • Things to have in a survival kit


SAS Survival Handbook Overview

For Any Climate, in Any Situationsas_survivalguide

Newly updated to reflect the latest in survival knowledge and technology, the internationally bestselling SAS Survival Handbook is the definitive resource for all campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. From basic campcraft and navigation to fear management and strategies for coping with any type of disaster, this complete course includes:

Being Prepared: Understanding basic survival needs and preparing essentials, such as a pocket survival kit.

Making Camp: Finding the best location, constructing the appropriate shelter, organizing camp, and creating tools.

Food: What to eat, what to avoid, where to find it, and how to prepare it.

First Aid: A comprehensive course in emergency/wilderness medicine, including how to maximize survival in any climate or when injured.

Disaster Survival: How to react in the face of increasingly frequent natural disasters and hostile situations—and how to survive at home if all services and supplies are cut off.


John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman served in the British Special Air Service (SAS) for twenty-six years. The SAS Survival Handbookis based on the training techniques of this world-famous elite fighting force.