Mid-Day 4 15

Beautiful sunset put us to be last night in a small cove on the Minnesota side.


After taking off around 7:00 this morning, we began the largest lake in our path, Lake Pepin. Again, the barrel raft boys were blessed with great weather and a calm lake.DCIM100GOPRO


We crossed this lake after Old Frontenac to go fishing on the Wisconsin side, no bites but fishing from the roof is lovely.


We then cruised across the lake to Lake City. Skully got some time to run in the park and around with us. After fueling up our reserve gas can in the Lake City Marina, Mark the attendant, donated 5 gallons of gasoline to help. Thanks again Mark!

So far so good. Its a shame we’re just about to leave Lake City because this is a small, beautiful town right on the shore of Lake Pepin. Many more curious boaters today stopping by to say hi and check out our rig. In town, Skully turns just as many heads as our raft does on the water haha what a sight for sore eyes we must be when we’re all packed on board!DCIM100GOPRO

We are going to try and push through Lake Pepin this afternoon and get it out of the way. Originally we planned on making it a two day crossing, but we’ve been blessed with weather and low winds which makes traveling the open water much easier.DCIM100GOPRO

Trying to shoot for Winona by the weekend if anyone wants to make the drive! Hope you all are doing well and thanks for all the positive support 🙂


772 miles left till St Louis!

Boaters who DIDN’T wave: 2

Bridges gone under: 5

Miles away from home it feels like: 300

Miles away from home we actually are: ~60

DCIM100GOPROLove you all!