Iowa has a river? Day 9 35

Early this morning our raft floated across the Minnesota – Iowa border officially making us feel like we’ve made progress. This Iowa bald eagle was scouting out his breakfast while welcoming us to his state.

bald eagle

bald eagle sitting on the Iowa – Minnesota border

That ones for you, Leon! Hope you’re feeling better!


Welcome to Iowa

The boys made a gas, beverage and night crawler stop in a quaint town called Lansing. Picking up a couple of journals for ourselves from this family-owed surplus “everything thing on earth” store.


From this point ahead, we are looking a 15-mile lake trek and Lock (#9); its was a glorious, still-aired day in Iowa, which was much better than battling a head-on wind all day. But with no breeze, the sun really beat down on us..making us wonder if a head on wind would be a better alternative. We’ve met the Perfelts (Hope we spelled it right!!!) from Independence, IA on the river today, they wished us the best and gave us some ice cold brews that hit the spot on this 93+ degree day. Thanks guys 🙂 really hit the spot

Did we mention the still air? What we forget to say is this drew every fly river into our vessel. Skully ended up get the worst of these pests. Wet towels provided him the only comfort to these mean little ankle bitters.


Unfortunately we’re going in and out of service here on the Iowa/ Wisconsin border, so our post tonight is a little short, and our next ones might be a little more spread out, but we’ll get em out as fast as we can. Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope everyone is doing well. We’re thinking about you always. Take care!