Fried Chicken at a Truck Stop 43

Pulled our raft over in the INDUSTRIAL section of the Mississippi River at mile 115, hiked up the levee wall and down the street to a truck stop to grab some real food:  fried chicken and potato wedges  🙂  Hundreds of barges, a bunch of ocean liners, 3:00 storm and a wakey river challenged us yesterday, but we are still intact. The pit stop for warm food reenergized the spirit. 25 miles from our destination to a marina in Lake Pontchartrain.


After sleeping behind a set of parked barges last night in gator infested waters, we are ready for this experience to be done. We got an early start this morning from a tugboat honking at us at 6:00am. In any endurance adventure the “home stretch” seems to be the toughest. Still unsure on whether we want to tackle heading out to the Gulf of Mexico, either we call in quits today or push down a lengthy channel to open water through Lake Borge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASong of the Day:  The Allmand Brothers Band, Rambling Man “On my way to New Orleans this morning”