Day 10 – Where Raft Meets River 25

Steady as she goes, a strong Mississippi current pulled us through the southerly winds today averaging 4 miles per hour. Again we relied on our outboard to kick “homemade windsail” through another lake with a stiff breeze. All in all, its another brick in the wall. The 16 barrel makeshift raft has traveled 240 miles from Stillwater to Dubuque.


The sun is getting more intense, barges are off restrictions and river has seemed to pick up some speed. After trucking down and across a lake, we arrived at our tenth Lock & Dam. A 15er (3×5 barge arrangement) was locking out Northbound when we arrived. After a 30 minute wait, we locked out and cruised up into Dubuque. Many friendly boaters came to greet us and ask about our journey. A couple brews, a gas donation and a enthusiastic community welcomed us.


We have docked for the night Port of Dubuque Marina, which include hot showers, laundry and restroom access…noice!

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