how to survive on a barrel raft

One of the dangers of this trip will be severe weather and god forbid a tornado. Tornado season peaks between June-August in the northern states and generally in the spring time in the southern states. For More Information on Forecasting Tornadoes:

Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Safety is a typical overlooked factor when it comes to preparing for a journey. Due to the length of our adventure, approx. 2 months of floating, the Barrel Raft Boys will need to think far in advance to prepare. As we descend the Mighty Mississippi, the environment and elements will be ever-changing. We may have […]

Survival Equipment for Endurance Rafting

Solar energy would be efficient and freely charge our devices: Cell phone Laptop Marine radio Small Power Tools Camera The summer should provide plenty of sunshine to power the small technical devices we may carry. Rob found a solar energy distributor in Wisconsin who setup a system geared toward our specifications. This stationary solar panel has the […]

Solar Energy