Sleeping on a sand island just north of Cairo, IL the boys are saying goodbye to the Upper Mississippi today. When the Ohio River joins up with the Mississippi, we switch over navigational books and restart milage indicators. 958 miles lay ahead, snaking and bending its way through Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. **Since […]

Lower Mississippi Beckons

Welcome to civilization again, if only for a short while. After barreling through “the stretch of nothing” we made it to a town to resupply, refuel and rehearse the BarrelRaftBoy story in Cape Girardeau, MO. Heading out from Hoppies fueling station, south of St. Louis, we travelled 100 miles of natural river through wilderness and, for […]

Welcome to Cape Girardeau

Steady as she goes, a strong Mississippi current pulled us through the southerly winds today averaging 4 miles per hour. Again we relied on our outboard to kick “homemade windsail” through another lake with a stiff breeze. All in all, its another brick in the wall. The 16 barrel makeshift raft has traveled 240 miles from […]

Day 10 – Where Raft Meets River