Barrel Raft – Draft

After some internet research, I decided to sketch out my idea for the barrel raft. I was reading about flow dynamics and hydrodynamics to see which principles we should include to maximize our flow rate.

  • Flat stern is our powerhouse of motion, we need to maximize the flat surface area increasing the amount of push.
  • Pointed or rounded bow disperses the water evenly and away from the craft reducing friction against the slower moving surface water and waves. Splash guard is recommended.
I’ve come up with 6 man/nature mechanisms to naturally drive our craft.
  1. water paddles driven by bike pedals and chain
  2. propellor driven by bike pedals and chain
  3. oars placed back-center to push us forward
  4. hydrofoil is an underwater current catcher, it could be static or removable
  5. wind sail
  6. water sail (pull) and water anchor (keep craft steady pointing down stream)
I did a quick calculation on dimensions according to the polyurethane barrels. 30 barrels would be 10’x18’ in the closest arrangement possible, our craft could overhang or barrels could be spaced to make a larger platform.raftplan_2014