Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Barrel Raft Boys dedicate this post to how we live, eat and survive. This unique lifestyle proves to be challenging and fun. Stripping down to the core essentials, we’ve had to balance Needs/Wants with Weight ratio. Our floating home is estimated to hold 500 pounds of supplies. About 450 of that is dog food […]

A Day In The Life

Steady as she goes, a strong Mississippi current pulled us through the southerly winds today averaging 4 miles per hour. Again we relied on our outboard to kick “homemade windsail” through another lake with a stiff breeze. All in all, its another brick in the wall. The 16 barrel makeshift raft has traveled 240 miles from […]

Day 10 – Where Raft Meets River

Rob couldn’t understand why he wasn’t hungry this morning, until he pulled a wing and tail from his mouth. After hatching late last night, mayflies have plagued our vessel!These insects, Mayflies or shadflies, have a very short adult lifespan living from a only few hours to a day. Some consider this good luck, others use them for bait, BarrelRaftBoys use […]

Who Needs Breakfast When You Have Mayflies?

Spent the night in Prescott, WI public boat dock where the freight trains run every 45 minutes…not a very peaceful sleeping spot. We awoke to a calm, beautiful and still-aired morning to find the Mississippi-St. Croix rivers confluence within a couple of yards to where we camped. What a noticeable difference between these waterways! The Mississippi […]

Day 3 – Sand Dune and Lock